Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Sorry for the intermission and the filler post from the other day.

I'm busy reorganising parts of the house, trying to slowly ease The Child into homeschooling, clean up the yard a bit, and get ready for a yard sale this wkend.

Of course, it can't be as simple as "hey, i think i'll spend the week at home purging cabinets for a yard sale this wkend."

3 things that almost have completely deterred me:

1. Apparently, this is the wkend our neighbourhood association (not homeowner's association, but a neighbourhood assoc that is supposed to help start up block watches, push us to sign up for communal mailboxes to ease the mail carriers plight, and help neighbours help each other. So far, they've performed poorly for every task, because they can't stop bickering or scheming--which is why i retired as secretary last year. It's an association that is politically charged when there is no need for it.) I disgress...

So, in order to have a yard sale in my own yard this wkend, i had to pay $10, or Lord knows what the old biddies would have done to our house or family. One man was completely and publicly humiliated in meeting after meeting and has been shunned by anyone in the hood ever since. Believe me when i say these ladies are ruthless. I think the head hen in any flock in the entire USA would be kinder than some of these women in the neighbourhood group...not only are they shameless, but elitest to boot. Yeah....quite the combo, eh?

2. Most everyone we know who has children going into some form of school away from home is in a sheer and total ****PANIC**** because they are going back to school in 2 weeks and we haven't gotten together all summer. Hark, SUMMER IS OVER! Oy...! I know where i've been....and our phone hasn't been a'ringin'. :o) Not until this week, that is. :o\ We are sad our family friends' children will be going back to school as playdates will be harder to arrange with loved ones, and it always seems like you can never get enough time these days with these friends--extended family, as it were. However, we have made it a priority to get together as much as possible this summer, so we are happy and grateful for the time we've had. I am really not good at saying no to kids...especially when they want to play with my kid--my kid was the shy kid, that i didn't think would ever have friends. Now she has the same problem her momma does--everyone thinks because you're so laid back that you're the bee knees, and they want to visit visit visit; only when it's convenient for them. Grrr! I don't have time to entertain when i've got purging to do....come sit on the lawn, use my sprinkler, delight in my garden, but please, don't disturb me from my packing and purging!!! :o)

3. I've really packed up and gotten rid of a lot of stuff. I can't believe it, but i guess i have. Wishing now i hadn't freecycled so much stuff. I am to the point where i am thinking of answering freecycle ads that have tons of stuff they're giving away, so that i can keep one thing (to avoid the guilt) and sell the rest. Ha! It's a sick thought, i know. And i won't do it, but man, what'd i have to cough up $10 for so i could try to sell a popcorn popper, a weight bench, and a few of Nona's clothes. UGH! Which also leaves me with the realisation that it isn't stuff that is cluttering our home...it's PAPER and GROCERIES! more UGH, UGH, UGH!

It might be a few mores days between posts. We've got a visit with one of our dear friends and her mom at the children's garden this wk. We've got rollerskating. We've been contacted by someone we haven't seen since early June, who invited themselves over for a playdate with my kid on Thursday at my house. Yeah, lovely....

You know the Mary Engelbreit picture with the little girl with the snarled up face with the caption that reads "Must. Change. Attitude."? That little girl is me this week.

If you'll please excuse me while i have a week!

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  1. Goodness! Just don't understand neighborhoods. Ours is made up of cows and some people.



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