Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Blessed and Stressful World We Weave.....

when we agree to raise a geek! :o) Well, it's not all her fault, i suppose--especially when her parents are pretty geeky themselves. :o)

Oh, we are so thrilled with our daughter--and yet, she leaves us so confused. Right now is not the time to be confused with so much stuff going on.

It's time to sign up for P&R's classes again (they run as if on a college schedule.) Last year, Ri couldn't wait to enroll in the Irish dancing, and since she was already in an "away from home" school 5 days a week, i made her choose between Irish or ballet/tap class. So Irish she picked. Did so beautifully for her first time out, that she was cast to be at the front of the stage for their recital. **beam**

It's been a rough summer. I think i've successful raised my kid to be a homebody, because now she never wants to leave the house! We've been talking about Irish dancing and adding another dance class because she'll be in "at home" school this year. She choose tap/jazz class and didn't want to return to Irish. **shudder!** what, my little colleen not wanting to return to Irish class?!? No, no, no, this would never do.

Many a conversations were had and so i did what i told myself i'd never do, what most every parent does when their kid is defying their "destiny": i told her she should enroll this semester in Irish dance, so she can perform in the holiday recital, and then if she wants to take a break, she can next Spring.

So we signed her up and emailed her teachers about missing the first class, because my mom and dad are returning this wkend from Brasil, and since they haven't had any contact most of the month with their granddaughter, they are whisking her away to Idaho for a few days in Sept. before i go and pick her up and drag her back home.

We got an email back yesterday from the Irish dance instructor, she'd like to move Ri up to the next level of Irish softshoe, the one that usually is for the bigger grade school kids, because she thinks she has a good grasp of the reel and the light jig. **beam, again** So of course, now Ri is very excited and proud of herself and wants to move up a level so she can learn the slip and single jigs. Exciting times!

Well, they would be, until Hubbie sounded thee alarm with the question this morning, "are you ready to clear out this house and devise a plan to make a move on that Tudor?" I was thinking, "is anyone ever ready to 'clear out their house', Daffy?" However, in light of him being half way out the door and on his way to work when he said it, i figured for domestic interest's sake, i'd smile graciously and leave him with a positive image of me for the rest of the day...especially because he is working late. :o) The rumours are out at the City--the hammer is coming down and layoffs are inevitable. Of all days, hubbies and wifies that work at the City need a reassuring memory of the way they left home this morning--otherwise the bars might be pretty full in the afternoon.

So we've got:
  • visitours
  • travelling
  • two dance classes we're gearing up for
  • soccer practice
  • a possible move
  • hopefully not a possible layoff looming,

all while trying to get a nice routine established for our first year of homeschool adventures.

It's got to be martini time somewhere, doesn't it?

At least their are fun little blogthings to do online for a 5 minute read posts from my beloved blogfriends' blogs and learn things and find silly little things like this:

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