Friday, September 4, 2009

Another visit

First, i'd like to thank you ladies for your encouraging comments. And especially Thank you for not telling me that you think we are completely crazy to try to raise a family in a 1929 home!

Last night, we met out at the house again to have the other members of my inner circle, my parents, give their thoughts. They gave a thumbs up to the area, and shared some of their reservations and some really good advice and insights, just like any awesome parents would. And for that, you now see why a 30-something gal would take her family to see a home that she and her hubbie are considering acquiring. :o)

You know how you're really excited about something with just a few reservations, and then once you've started taking a legal step to procure it, your brain turns on the breaks--"Whoa, Partner." That's where we are. We've got to get our home cleaned out and in selling condition in just a few weeks, and hope it sells in 60 days, all while trying to negotiate land from a seller who's anxious now because the developer with the other property in front of the house just missed a closing date for the property in front of the house. We've got ten days to get the inspection done on the place and decide whether it is really something we want to get into. However, did ya that roar of the big 747 owned by the Chinese airlines that just flew by our house still making it's ascent into the sky...that's a pretty positive motivator to get outta here. I'd be surprised if they couldn't hear that puppy taking off from here all the way in China. The other night, it was the neighbour's nonstop belching and flamboyent use of "thee Mother of all curse words" that was like a cattle prod to get me going.

It's days like these where i wish i wasn't a pack rat! :o)
Have a great day, Ladies!!

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