Friday, September 25, 2009

I Can't Keep Up

Well, more news on the home front.

Something that is definitely going to have to have lots of discussion behind it.

In the past couple weeks, the Tudor house sellers have lowered their asking price, removed the house from the market, re-listed the house, and now have agreed to a boundary line adjustment to include more land with their house. They've asked their agent to contact us so they can get a look at our offer. Hubbie scares me, because i think he'd just say yes in a minute, but at the same time, he realises that he will pretty much be MIA from our home this Fall and Spring due to the seemingly impending flooding.

We shall see.....and if God is reading this, maybe he could give us an unmistakable sign--like winning the lottery or catching neighbours trying to set our house on fire or something BIG and certain like that! :o)

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