Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labour Day!

Hope everyone is enjoying their 3-day weekend.

We are packing up.

Yesterday, we went out to breakfast with my parents and they whisked their granddaughter off to Idaho for an intensive week of spoiling. After, our realtor came over to have us sign our first offer.

We're not holding out hope, because needless to say, we are well under their asking price.

The owner of the Tudor lives in a completely different area of our region and for her region, the asking price is normal. But in this end of the Sound, it's too steep. But i can't blame a person for trying.

However, in good faith, we are painting the couple rooms that need attention in our house and boxing up; should the offer be accepted, we have 5 days after that to put our house on the market or our agreement is nullified.

Today we are painting the dining room/den (we use it as a dining room) a nice minty grey-ish green. We should also be hearing from the realtors about the offer we made.

Tomorrow, depending on the news, we'll either be repainting to remove the rag rolled paint effect from our bedroom and hanging curtains or we'll just be hanging curtains. :o)

I hope you all will be having a relaxing day of margaritas and munchies! Please have one for me!?! That's what holidays are for right?

Then again, it is Labour Day.

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