Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Home Again and At Peace

We're back from Idaho again. Love that state! Love the drive (especially when there is someone there to help you with the whole 350 miles!!)

Took a detour last night through Seattle just to hear Tiger Toes squeal with delight as we went through the tunnels along I-90 on Mercer Island. It's a good thing we don't live in Boston, i tell you!

farm out along I-90 Central WA

Downtown Spokane

Pend O'Reille River, ID

Poppa, Tiger Toes, and Daddy

Tiger Toes having splashing contests with Daddy, Poppa, and Achoo

Sailboats on Lk. PdO

Hubbie getting fresh with the stuffed turkey while i was trying to take a picture of the beautiful countryside.

the purdy country i was trying to take a picture of...Eastern WA along I-90
wheat, potato, corn, mint and alfalfa fields for as far as the eye can see

Central WA farms with Mt. Stewart (N. Cascade Range) in the background

Lake Washington

I-90 floating bridge on Lk. WA

Downtown Seattle peers out from First Hill (aka Pill Hill because so many hospitals are located there)

This morning, we woke up and hit it.....

You know that feeling you get when you wake up and everything seems right with the world?

That has been our day today.

No rushing around, pulling hair, fighting tooth and nail to get some body to get ready for school.

No rushing about, feeling like housework or yardwork or errands needed to be completed by someone else's schedule.

First day of official school came and went...just like that.

Rules of the road were instilled last night and early this morning.

Math, English, and History all were completed between 9 and 12 today.

Including 15 minute breaks of play between each.

While still wearing pajamas.

Laughs were had, creativity stirred.

It was good!

Especially after we ran into former classmates at the grocery later today who were sharing all the different schedules for school they were keeping and the running around looking for uniforms and such. Whew!

And now, we're off for Irish Dancing...and that is good too!

Views out the living room window this morning

this is what math looked like this morning.
learning some, some more math equations
aah to be a kid again, eh?

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