Thursday, September 24, 2009

Exciting Night For St. Phil's: Update

Tonight is an exciting night for our church.

One of our parishoner's sons has made a movie, Via Papale, and is opening it locally tonight with ticket sales benefiting our church's debt reduction (a huge remodel in the 1990's that still hasn't been paid down.)

The movie looks incredible from the trailer you'll find on it's website. It sold out before we could acquire tickets (must remember to do things in reverse order next time--get tickets, then find someone to entertain Ri for a few hours.) :o) They had such a great response that they've added a second showing later in the night. What an exciting night for the family, eh?

WOO HOO UPDATE: Their second showing is actually a second screen at the local theatre, so we've secured our kid-sitter and are able to attend! Will let you know tomorrow what it was like and whether it would be a rental or a great addition to the personal DVD library. :o) If nothing else, it will be great eye candy with all the sites in Rome and the Vatican that i haven't seen in person yet. Hooray!

Just hoping that it is popular enough that it can be picked up and shown nationwide. It's what we as Catholics need--more historical info on our Church. And actual movies we can see at the theatre that aren't R rated, eh?

Watch the trailer, if you're so inclined! I think you'll really like it.


  1. That looks like a really good film. I hope I get the chance to see it!

  2. I get tired of all the R rated stuff!

    Hope it turns out well!



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