Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well, the deal is done and it didn't include us getting that house, as you can imagine.

Otherwise, i would have been posting on here, like, every 5 seconds saying, "I can't believe we got the house!!" and jumping up and down like a true "Jenny" and "Oh my Goodness, i can't believe we got that house?!" with head hung low and wondering what we just got ourselves into.

I can sum up the whole shebang in one word....Grrrrr. You know, as the operative sound in greed. :o) Basically, the owners of the home really think that their vacant circa 1994 home with flooding issues, two boilers, no usable property, stained carpet, no washer/dryer, kitchen appliances circa 1940-50, and possibly all original 1929 electrical wiring is really worth their asking price of 430K. Well......

So the owners also want to work with the developer who contracted to purchase some of the home's original acreage first; to close their land deal with them: the developers who have let their closing date on the purchase agreement expire, the developers who haven't followed up with the City since last year regarding their permit ap, and the developers who are probably going bankrupt since most developers in the area are doing the same.

Huh. I guess the owners might not be "a bird in the hand" kinda people. Personally, i'd rather a solid contingent 400K offer with an actually sale of a house to back it rather than a defaulted 800K that some developer has leveraged out of thin air, but then again, i wouldn't know what to do with that kind of money. :o)

We did get some work done on the house though. The dining room is cleared and finished!

I wish the rest of our house could be this cool!! Then, maybe i'd feel better about walling off the property and staying. :o)
Today, we are going to head to Idaho and pick up our Tiger Toes. She's been enjoying Achoo and Poppa's company, but it's time to bring her back to the real world. :o)
I'll post some pictures tomorrow of some of the wacky and wonderful things around here the past few days...and then we'll meet again next week.
God bless!!


  1. You have a cute house now! Here's to an even better house, with even better property and the small farm living you are craving!


  2. We've been through similar situations, and it's so frustrating. Just when I was ready to give up, we found ours. The right house is still out there, waiting for you.


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