Friday, September 18, 2009

It's a Potluck

In reading one of the blogs i follow, this morning i found that a blogging friend of her's is hosting a potluck--a recipe exchange of sorts. So i thought i would participate.

Her blog is here.

My recipe contribution is here.

Sorry i haven't been much for posting regularly...where are the days when i could post 2 or 3 times a day?? :o) I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of tomatoes, that are ever so slightly pink now, with canning jars and recipe at the ready for homemade pasta sauce. Also trying to harvest more potatoes, but the longest garter snakes i've ever seen are deterring me from digging around in the hay-covered plots. Damned my childhood rearing in AZ that trained my pea brain to run from snakes...that i can't even co-exist with a measely little bug and mouse eating slithery thing, with miniscule teeth at best, without automatically running awayas i'm afraid and confident he'll strike at any minute. Just proves that maybe i'm not quite cut out for this "farming" lifestyle i'd really like to be a part of. :o)

Also, trying to focus on homeschooling schedule right now, especially since Tiger Toes is trying to declare mutiny! Yesterday she bellowed while thrashing about on the floor, "But Momma, it's just that...that...History is sooooo, so, so.....YAWNY!" :o) Spoken (much to the dismay of my history buff hubbie) exactly like her mother at age 7 when all i wanted to do was read about animals and do math too. I hope that exhibiting disipline myself will be enough to help her learn it.

Also, things around here are getting quite desparate, as flood season draws nearer. It's not something that has caught the ear of the nat'l media yet, but just give it till Nov or Dec and you could potentially be seeing footage on the boob toob that you'll liken to that of NOLA post-Katrina. Moose (aka, Hubbie my hubbie--i've reverted to calling him Moose, as this is my pet name for him and it helps remind me to be as kind as kid gloves to him now) is on the front lines of this potential problem for our city...and this was in the local news today. The first picture they show in the article are the apartments i used to live in when i first moved here to Western Wa, after i met Moose. We used to go walking every day on the trail built on top of the levees there on the river. The surrounding land is farms, you'll see--what the Valley looked like 50 years ago, before the construction of the H. Hanson Dam, when it was okay if the Valley flooded. If you read the article, when you see the info on Mayor Suzette Cooke and her city engineers'...Moose is included--he's the city's Environment Engineering Super who is dealing with what can be done with the levees, the stormwater, floodwater management, usw. So you can imagine how spent he is already--and the floods haven't even come yet!!

He shared a few more daunting facts with me last night that i am not certain are public info yet, so i shall refrain from posting them here. However, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that a wall of water, rushing down from the mountains and into the Green River, spilling over the levees and infiltrating a city that has the 3rd largest warehousing district (square footage wise) West of the Mississippi really isn't a good omen for a city who's sole livelihood relies on these companies with their massive sq. footage. Literally, the more and more he deals with this, i feel our family is threatened. Not by the rising flood waters, as we live on the top of one of the hillsides in the city, but that we are a heart attack away from a drastic change in our lifestyles.

God help us!

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