Sunday, April 3, 2011

Almost Finished

Finished Cookie Monster's sash for her Communion dress tonight.  I couldn't find a nice 3 inch wide ribbon, so i "made" one out of broadcloth.  Sliced a piece off 6.5 inches wide x 55 inches long, embroidered the lilies, and stitched it up. 

We can't find the usual white shoes sans heels unless purchased from a "european style" retailer, however we can't see the point in purchasing shoes so expensive that what you would spend for them would feed a needy family for a month!(I think that's a more important lesson to pass on, don't you?)  So Cookie Monster has decided she'll wear dress shoes she already owns. 

Grandma is finished with the dress and we found a headcovering, so i think we're set. 

Now to finish memorizing the Act of Contrition! :)

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  1. Beautiful work!

    I had to laugh at the memorizing the Act of Contrition part. I still can't ever seem to get past the "at having offended Thee" part without then confusing it with the Confiteor part of mass, and following up with, "and I ask Blessed Mary ever virgin, all the angels and saints, and you my brothers and sisters..."

    I guess I need to go to confession more often! But then again, I think I forgot it in the first place because no one has asked to hear me say it since I was at my Catholic elementary school. Priests don't seem to check that stuff up when they get an adult in the confessional booth, lol.


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