Thursday, April 21, 2011


Another way mes ami spoils us is with very interesting Easter gifts.  Which she delivered today.  She always finds the most interesting things!!

Like this penguin her son, shall we call him Detective Boing Boing, picked out for Cookie Monster.
It was made by a classmate of his from a homeschool co-op that has a class on "Starting Your Own Business". :)

Also, mes ami put together a little Easter something for Moose...a malted milk ball chick. :)
 Then we usually do a little something special for each other.  This year, she went overboard though....
What's that peeking out from under this beautiful handtowel (how am i ever going to use this thing???)
 I was getting fidgity...because it was from Anthropolgie and i've been pining for something from that shop for a very, very long time.  But it couldn't be, because i don't think i've ever shared with her that i've always wanted one....

Hoorah!  Score!  It was the ceramic egg carton i had been wanting!!  You know, having a telepathic friend really comes in handy sometimes, eh?  I couldn't help but drop everything and grab the camera...and a carton of the jewels from the girls.  Excuse me while i indulge in a little Gratutious Egg Staging...

Hope you and your family have a wonderful end to Lent and rejoiceful and relaxing Easter!

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