Sunday, April 3, 2011

Inaugural Run

Moose and i decided that we'd make the Tenth Anniversary cast iron instead of tin or aluminum.
We ordered this baby back in January, however they are so popular that the company was experiencing a backorder.  It's nice to hear...there are lots of people choosing quality products. 
(Too bad something like these couldn't be made in the USA!!)

It arrived last Friday, making we wish that i hadn't done such a good job of planning out the meals while my parents were here.  I would have loved to cook a couple of meals in this for them.  Having never used an enameled cast iron, i was a little nervous to experiment on them too.

So last night was the test run.  Thanks to Julia Child's cookbook perpetually being on our library's shelves on Monday (2 copies rest there on the shelves and will for eternity i am certain, due to the area we live in.)

A roasted chicken with root veggies and leeks (i loosely interpreted Julia's recipe for roasted chicken in a pot--basically just needing the cooking directions.)

And what intrigued me about having a pot like this, was that as soon as the chicken was carved and veg was placed on a platter, the carcass could be thrown right back into the pot with the veg trimmings from other dinners that i save in the freezer.  Cover it all with water and simmer--BAM!  Eight cups of homemade chicken stock goodness!  Hooray!  Now we can really get our bang for our buck with the organic fryers we purchase.  Makes me yearn even more for the day when we finally get our own farm and we can cook our own chickens.  And for the day that i can pass down this purchase to Cookie Monster--maybe for her own 10th wedding anniversary. :)

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