Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why Homeschoolers Should Work For Hallmark

Does anyone else out there have this Boatload of Birthdays from mid-March to the end of April?  We have 10 birthdays scattered through--Cookie Monster can't keep up with handcrafting them all, so she is in charge of the card for her cousin. 

This year, she got real creative and drew a scene from her studies of Egypt:  her various cousins and herself as Egyptian gods and goddesses and the birthday boy a pharoh, of course.
Close up of Happy Birthday card designed by Cookie Monster

She also wrote a cute little...how many kids would sound so formal in their greetings?  Curious as to way she would choose to be Anubis?  Isn't he the god of the underworld?  Her behaviour has been rather stellar lately, making it all the more curious. :)
What really impressed me the most was that she remembered her parents in the drawing.
Apparently Moose is an undercover tomb robber (that fact must have gotten past me when i was reviewing the "Application for Husband-To-Be" a few years back.)  :)  Of course, it wasn't much of a stretch to cast me as Ma'at, the goddess of harmony and justice. **grin** 

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