Thursday, April 21, 2011

Springtime Craftiness

Cookie and i were getting a little antsy for some Springtime crafts.  We stood in the local hobby store yesterday wondering what we might make.  Some things, like woven ribbon over egg shaped styrofoam, just seem too hard to make because she's still so young that the attention to detail just isn't there.  And, the fact that i am a perfectionist doesn't help craft projects much...poor kid.

We thought of some fun things to do though.  The more holidays and seasons i live through, the better i like the idea of framed artwork for decorations.  Changing out things that way is much easier for me.  Hoping that way i won't collect too many trinkets.  Well, except for Halloween and Christmas.  :)  We made Spring collages with the bunny theme in common.

First we used The Google to find rabbit silhouettes.  Then we traced them on cardstock and cut them out.  Then we glued them to the scrapbook paper.  I also made grass, designed & cut painstakingly by hand (that for a fleeting moment i thought i would make lots of and list on Etsy for scrapbookers, but then i realised that i have a life!) 

Cookie Monster had decided that her bunnies were going on a vacation.  To Hawaii.  (lucky bunnies!)

 I rather like tradition...served with a side of whimsy.  So my initial plan was just one stinkin' big chocolate bunny silhouette on the floral background.  Then the devil in me took over. :) 

Luckily, i had enough paper left over to make another insert with a PG rating (for suggested violence*), incase my in-laws visit.  Or friends come over.  :)

*no actual varmits were harmed in the making of these collages for this blogpost.   

Ha!  Almost makes me want to wallpaper a room with these. 

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