Friday, April 1, 2011

Thrifty Goodness

I don't know about you, but all this rain is bumming me out!!  Six inches of rain in March alone!  Sadly, April isn't looking any better.  I know this is Seattle, but come on?  For the love of La Nina, could you cut us a break?

I thought i'd take advantage of the nasty weather today to check out the thrift stores nearby.  Pouring rain = crowd control.  :)  And i am on the hunt for a couple of specific homeschooling books.  I didn't find them, however i found other neat items--proving that i need to make a list for the thrift store and not stray from it.  :)

One of my finds...this adorable quilt. 
 I wasn't too sold on it at first, beacuse it was just cute, you know?  I'm trying very hard these days to curb those "i got it cause it's cute" purchases.

You know what sold me in the end?  The Sentimentality Issue.  Look, Mrs. Ruby Dorrah sewed her own label into this quilt.  She was proud of her efforts enough to put her name on it, and i couldn't "bare" to think of her handwork languishing on Goodwill's racks until the orange tag sale day came. 

(sorry about the rotation of the picture--i can't figure out why Blogger is rotating this picture when it isn't that way on my card. *sigh*)

I wonder who Mrs. Dorrah is?  Did she make this quilt for a little baby she knew?  Gasp!  I hope it wasn't a grandbaby or other relative of her.  Can you imagine giving away your relative's work to the thrift?  Maybe she made it for a friend she knew in a nursing home who adored bears.  Maybe she made it for a church raffle.  Or a hospital charity.  Heck, maybe she made it for herself, just for the sheer pleasure of it.

It doesn't matter.  I'm a complete sucker for a handmade item--rescuing them from unwantedness and giving them a decent home.  Mrs. Dorrah, wherever you may be, thanks for making such a cute little bear quilt.  We will enjoy it for years to come.  First up, a "teddy bears picnic" out in the front yard (if April showers will yield a few hours of sunshine.) 

If i get the bug, i may just enlist my mom's help in putting a new flannel backing on your quilt top.

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  1. I agree with you a very lovely Quilt.
    The initials M P on the tag nearer the possibilities to a nursing, or group home. Personal items are marked that way for laundry purposes.
    What a great rescue
    from Sandpoint ID


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