Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Stills :: 4 Points

This week's challenge was to photograph the four points of the compass.
Did i mention it's been too rainy and grey to take decent pictures here in the Seattle area?

So sorry, but today you get photos from inside my home.

This is my favourite reading spot.
 When i sit in it (the southern part of my living room), i see the fireplace and fish tank to the north.
 And i can gaze out to the east and see the moonrise over the Cascades (when it's not pouring) :)
 or if i happen to be there in the daytime, i can see the snow covered Cascades.
 And if i look to the west, i can see the maps we keep on our walls, and daydream about where we'd like to visit someday.
Preferably a desert.  Or some other place where they don't get rain. :)

For more 4 Points pictures, click here.

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  1. Nice views. I really like the reading spot photo!


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