Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pure Evil.

Last night, our dear friend brought over a surprise that looks a little something like this:
 What eeeevil lurks inside the heart of this box?
I didn't even take a picture.  Trust me, you don't want to know.
This is a small list of what it could be....
There were 6 of them in there.
And these ain't your Maw & Paw Grocer donuts either...these are Gourmet Seattle Donuts.
If you can call a donut gourmet?!?
We're talking a maple bar as long at a foot...3 inches wide.
Then there's the chocolate donut with the "icing"...and we're not talking "icing" as in that greasy, foul smelling stuff in a tube they use at other donut shops.  No.  More like a 4mm thick layer of chocolate ganache--completely covering the top of the donut AND the filling the entire donut hole!!

Like i said:  Pure Evil!

The minute i opened it, i knew we were in trouble.
If we ate the whole thing then and there, i'd wouldn't be 20lbs lighters anymore
--that's certain!

So i portioned out a third of a donut for everyone...and wrapped up everything else.
This morning, Riona and i finished off 2/3's of a donut a few minutes ago; i can already feel the sugar rush.  Cold sweat.  Heart Palpations.

ei yi ei!

Curse you, Top Pot Doughnuts, and the day you were ever given a business license!! 
But thank you, kind mes ami, for spoiling us ROTTEN! xoxox

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