Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Excitement As If It Were September...

Ever since a few days before Kinder Grad, Ri told me she wanted to start homeschool right away. :o) Aah, youthful innocence, eh? I just hope we can keep her that motivated! :o)

I told her we at least needed to go have some summer fun in ID first, then we'd talk when we got back home. Well, we've been home for less than a week and Ri is already bored. And she is really missing her friends from school. So, today we decided we'd head to Sumner for a little fun at the park and some errand running. Didn't get to do any junking, but Ri was a good sport for the rest. And her first plant this month was a double impatient, so she was happy that it was something pretty.

We tried a new place for breakfast, The Berryland Cafe. It was your typical Mom and Pop greasy spoon breakfast joint. We opted just for a couple cinnamon rolls.
Couldn't believe with those and a cup of coffee and hot chocolate that we'd got out of there for $6. Not the healthiest breakfast we've ever had out , but certainly the cheapest! :o)
We drove past the in home of interest (see post from Friday) to check it out a little more. For some reason i am not too sold on it, but Hubbie is. I discovered that if we were to move there, then the next time i'm pregnant i'd just have to walk down the street about a mile and a half to the East to admit myself into the nearest hospital (uuuhhhh, not sure about living that close to a hospital, but we'll save that for another post.)
We headed to our couple other errands up in Federal Way (cause running errands here isn't truely running errands until you've driven through or visited at least 4 other cities) and decided that since Hubbie is working late tonight, Ri and i are going to have a tea for dinner while we watch Cars, Mary Poppins, or Enchanted. So we visited some great bakeries and got some items for that. Then Ri decided she wanted to visit Children's Bookstore, which is our local toystore/teaching supply store. It's our new home away from home. Driving there, Ri and i decided that we would start homeschooling now. She really wants to work on Math "at least a couple times a week" and i picked up some grammar workbooks too, because she's really been interested in playing Mad Libs. :o) And i couldn't resist these maps...factory laminated and perfect for that, "Mom, where's Gambia, et al?" question when we are listening to They Might Be Giants and their "Alphabet of Nations" song. :o)
I think we'll just use the world map for now as a little factiod generator/beginning Geography. The US map, i think we'll introduce with PE and Math. I think i'll make my own scale at first, and then we'll record how many miles (1 mi = 1") we can walk across the US. One thing that might be fun this school year too is to have Ri start learning the capitals. I think she's read for it. That girl is a sponge, i tell ya! And truth be told, just looking through these items gathered today, i'm getting a little excited to start, myself.
At this rate, we'll need a 3rd grade level cirriculum by next Feb. :o) hee hee!

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