Sunday, June 7, 2009

With Friends Like These

My friends surprised me for my birthday today. They've been sneakily planning it with my mom and Hubbie for a few months.

They surprised me with high tea at The Secret Garden in Sumner. It is a beautiful place!

Here are a few pictures from the day.

L-R: 3rd cousin visiting from AZ, Ri, Mom, Aunt from AZ, cousin from AZ, me, J, and Ange.

Our first course: scones with Devonshire cream, lemon curd, and raspberry jam and Laverne soup (lemon, chicken with rice)

Second course was ham, pear, and gorgonzola quiche with orzo pea salad.

And i had a strawberry green tea from their enormous selection.

These are the Sneaky Sneakersons (aka My Sisters of Another Mister.) You know how they say friends are the family you get to choose. These two ladies are a blessing straight from the Lord!

(Ri took this picture of us)

Pictures of me and Ri out front of the house.

and one seriously cool cat that was so friendly, that he came up to meow "Happy Birthday" to me!

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  1. What great friends and a beautiful day for you!

    I'd fall for that cat too, what a handsome guy!


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