Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You Know Where We'll Be If....

Our neighbours have been kind of a pain the last few years...they're older, so i don't want to say too much bad about them. A couple years ago, they abandoned their home next to us to move out to their family's homestead on Bainbridge Island. Who'd blame them, eh? However, why hold on to this house in a "gettin' crumbier by the nanosecond" neighbourhood?

I can answer that question...for thee *Almighty Dollar*. That's right, straight out greed. Sadly, the woman of the house thought she would sub-divide her 14,K sq. ft. yard into a bare lot and a house on a lot. She also set to doing up the house nice so she could rake in a cool million (yeah, right) with the sale of the two--no expense spared--refinished hardwoods, granite kitchen and bathroom counter tops, new paint inside and out, addition of rooms and bathrooms. All in a neighbourhood where just a 1/4 of a mile away, there is a rent by the minute hotel right off I-5 (where just yesterday, on his way home at 6pm, my hubbie saw a hooker being picked up & contracted for her services.)

Maybe when the housing market was roaring, she could have asked 600K, but now...she'll be lucky to sell it for $280K on the house and yard as a whole.

However, that hasn't stopped them from their projects...more, More, MORE! "More" is better, right? (huh?)

The past two weeks we've been living next to a construction site, which wouldn't be so bad if it were supervised, however when the clients aren't there the sub-contractors will play...their radio too loud, their fireworks, diarreah of the mouth and namely the frequent use of the "mother of all curse words." It's been aggrevating, to say the very least.

Hopefully though, this added garage and concrete slab means that their work is done, and they can get on with letting it sit for sale on Zillow, and things can truely be quieton our Western front. :o)

If there will be no construction today, *finally* Ri and i will be enjoying the peace and quiet...

and these...
and these

and trying our hands at a little fertility doctoring for the pumpkins.

And when we come inside i'll be continuing to enjoy the sight of Riona's new coat she picked out at the consignment shop yesterday.

Don't you just love her taste in clothes?

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