Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Birthday Love

My friend, J, really outdoes herself with birthday presents! She's sly--she collects over time. She's awesome at gift giving! Especially because we get each other. We have a sixth sense about what each other would like. She's also very sly in that she'll drop it at your door, then call when she's left. :o)
Last night i was out grocery shopping when J made her sneak drop. Hubbie was home when she called so he pulled in the package.
It blew me away when i got home! I couldn't believe that she had done this (especially with her Hubbie teetering on the brink of a layoff!)
There's the Farm Chicks new recipe/craft book, a box of Bewley's, sassafrass candy, and all things chicken! Chicken napkins, a chicken trivit, and those cute little chick votive holders (that i secretly wanted at Easter, but didn't buy because i didn't need them.) How did she know???

And this great dishtowel...how will i ever use it in all it's cuteness?

And that sign?? Too cute! Especially when you see how they packaged it:

Her 7 y/o son made party clothes for it! Of course, you know i had to save it--i hated unwrapping it!! I am thinking of laminating it, so every birthday around here we can "dress the chick". (Yeah, i know i'm weird.) It's completely heartwarming that H would share his time and sense of humour to make such a great addition to my already misty-eye making gift. :o)

It's amazing! And i can't wait to see J and let her know how much everything will be appreciated! She is one amazing "chick" herself! And the best gift i could have asked for in the whole wide world is for a friend like her in this dizzying world!

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