Thursday, June 11, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Yesterday i got alot accomplished out in the yard...of course it's never enough, but we do what we can, right?

Ri and i went out to our 1-stop grocery to say "be seeing you" to our friend there who is a checkout clerk. We picked up some snacks for the road and some projects for Ri to work on while on the 6-7 hour ride today. Of course, i had to check out the garden center...

but i found this beauty. A yarrow named "Paprika".
It gives just the right amount of colour to a neglected part of the cross garden. And i really like this view of it from the drive. It's just tall enough to see over the lavenders. In front there is my Jupiter's Beard.

The chicks are fiesty and thriving. We came home from our excursion the other day to find one caught in the feed container (envision child caught in a dry well and you'll get the picture.) When we open the door to the coop, they all start flying around.

And being kinda geeky, as you know, i think it's cool to plant specimens in our garden that have the same name as the town we live in. These oreganos are especially cool because they have hop-like flowers on them, and our city used to be one of the largest hops-growing regions in the world. I got these planted yesterday in our rockery out front.

The Angel's Earrings, Orange Queen, and Santa Claus (not pictured) fuchsias are potted.

Our Pope JPII roses are still exploding and putting on quite the show!

Our tom's are flowering and doubling in size by the day.

Peas and taters patch is doing well. Just had to hill up the taters yesterday and am experimenting with straw instead of dirt.

The strawberries were becoming the nearest drive thru for our slug population, so i raised them on these cinders sneakily tucked in behind our mugo pines so the neighbour won't complain how dumpy the yard looks.

Of course, they are ripening while i am away, so Hubbie will be able to enjoy these.

The pumpkins are thriving too, now that i mulched them.

Our chickens were more than happy to help with all the gardening tasks yesterday.

And after i dragged every compost bag i could, potted and planted all but 3 plants, and mowed the lawn, it was time to cut it, save some energy for packing, and enjoy the scenery. Don't you just love the colour of Blue Spruces this time of year???

We're off! I hope you all are enjoying the garden, some inbetween rainstorms, and you have a great week! See ya next week! Be good! :o)

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