Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Worth The Wait

The Pope John Paul II rosebush has bloomed! Waiting for it to bloom was almost as stressful as waiting to see if chicks would hatch. :o) Thankfully, it didn't disappoint--especially because our guests were able to see it bloom before they left today. Hubbie and i are totally enamoured--it has a *glorious* scent--like the rosewater that a Great Aunt or Great Grandma might wear, but oddly, not as offensive. The cream colour is amazingly hyponotic!
Viva Il Papa!

And to make matters even more exciting...
i received a new camera for my birthday.
It's mind-blowing in that i can filter colours within the camera like this:

It will come in especially handy as i start a new collection of photos of religious statues. Like this one i took of the Sacred Heart. Must take next picture of this filtering everything but red.

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