Monday, June 29, 2009

Worth the Trip

Yesterday i saw a Freecycle email pop up that read "cookie stuff" in Enumclaw. The person posting the cookie stuff was also posting lots of interesting lamps and furniture and household items. I was figuring it was someone helping clear out an older persons home. I answered the email on a hunch....

And i was right!
We picked the items up today and decided to spend some time in Enumclaw since we were all the way out there--made a little trip to Mud Mtn Dam & downtown Enumclaw.

On the way to MMD, i wanted to check out a house i've been pining over. It's a great as it's billed to be. Built 1927, renovated in 2000's, however antique fixtures and wood floors, doors and coved ceiling were all kept intact or restored! With 16 acres!! Perfect!

Especially their view!! This is the view from the front of the house looking across the street. You could wake up in that little bungelow above the front door there looking at Mt. Rainier every morning!

The original homestead is even still standing on it! Amazing!

Now, if only i had $700K. Would any of you happen to know who to raise that kinda cash legally, yet quickly? :o) *sigh*

So, after pining a bit more in person, it was time to head to the dam. It's a warm day here. And that pool at the park feels like Alaska glacial waters! But Ri and i still had fun anyway. We were the only ones there, so we tromped through the water and made animal tracks with our wet hands and feet on the pavement around the pool.
I couldn't get Ri to go through the waterfall with me though. :o(

However, in the back of our minds was this box we just picked we came home after lunch to unload it.
2 cookie presses, bags of cookie cutters, mini muffin tins, candy molds, and...any idea what that rolling pin thingy ma-jig is for? Is that an old school meat tenderiser?
Here are some of the highlights for cookie cutters...

I can't wait to use these above sometime when we have a card night...with my card table tablecloth!!

These cutters are adorable!! They are marked "Stanley Home Products" on the back and most of the auction sites i looked at for info had just one of the these babies for $8. I have to do some research on the SHP company.

I think this guy will fast become my favourite cookie cutter!

And the gingerbread man i just love!!
I was perplexed at first with the peanut shaped cookie cutter...then i thought, "Hmmm, i wonder if there is a recipe for homemade Nutter Butters online???" More research. :o)

I was really excited about the cookie presses--hoping to give one to my sis in law how is just building her first apartment on her own and having one for Ri to use. Now that i am looking at them though, i am not such about them...but i am very excited about one in particular.

It has a handwritten! mailing label on the outside of the box with the fancy "G" from General Mills in the "from" area to a "Mrs. John H Soper" and a postage stamp for $.75 from Manitowoc Wisc. to Puyallup, WA on Nov 8, 1967. :o)
Comes with it's original brouchure for instructions of use. Says the press is made with "Mirro aluminum". :o) Not only does it have all those cute cookie stencils, but also the tips for making Schaum Tortes, Cream Puffs and Eclairs, and Lady Fingers!
I am so excited...we just might have to celebrate Christmas in July! :o)
UPDATE: i wrote the lady thanking them so kindly for the box of goodies...that we were totally enamoured with them. She wrote back this morning--she is in New Hampshire freecycling thing for her elderly mother. Wow!

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