Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Unleash the Frantic!

Today is not going to be a pretty day.

There, i've said it, and now there is no denying it.

As many of you can relate...

the gardening chores and plantings are piling up, the laundry to do is in 3 foot tall pile (even though my kind mom soldiered through our laundry just days ago while she was here)--and do you know one of those first initial scenes in Wall*E where they finally pull back to reveal the cubes of trash Wall*E makes are being stacked into skyscrapers? That is what my bedroom looks like--the piles in our room are made of clean, folded laundry that deseparately needs putting away though. :o) With teenagers in this house just days ago that find texting & eating 24/7 more important than basic personal hygeine, i feel as though i need to pressure wash each and every surface in my home. And don't even mention all the stuff the perfect housewife would get done for her hubbie that isn't coming with before she leaves on a 6 day trip, like all his ironing, a clean pair of sheets, meals perfectly portioned in a single serving for him to come home and warm up each night! My Hubbie will be lucky to be left with a frozen pound of ground beef and some freezer-burned green beans from the garden last year. :o(
Alas, we are leaving tomorrow for Home. You know the place. It's where your parents still live and old routines fall back into place as if you were still just a teenager (only without that selfishness and awkwardness.) They may not remember your name, but that is only because you have given them a grandchild who looks extremely too similar to you when you were a babe. They do still remember how to relate to you, get through to you, talk you down, and make you feel extremely loved.

I feel like the end of an episode of Sesame Street is running through my head. Where Luis or Gordon says, "Today is brought to you by the letter P as in packing, planting, and panicking." Only i need Oscar to come out of the can this time and say, "And don't forgot your grunties or your toothpaste, Dum Dum!" :o)

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