Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It's been a day for the record books...

I never thought i'd ever say AZ followed me North, but it did.

Right now it is heading close to sunset and it is 103.8 in the shade on our deck. Yikes!

Today, Ri and i went to a concert of a local band called Recess Monkey, and i have to say, those guys rocked--especially be a monkey bar climbing conga line was formed and we all headed through the big granite ball waterpark on the corner of the venue to cool off, half way through the show.

That was at twelve...and on the way home, driving through the Valley, we noticed that the temp on the bank sign was reportedly 109 degrees. Sheesh!!

Thankfully with a daylight basement (with our windows downt here blocked with some lifesaving curtains Poppa and Achoo assisted us with before they left for Brasil) and 3 window a/c units, we're keeping our house in the cool lower 80's. Tonight i am needing to head over to our neighbour's home to air it out, as she is out of town in L.A. (lucky girl!!) and i am not looking forward to the 90-100 degree temps i shall find in her home.

Washington just wasn't made for this heat! The webbing is drying out and cracking been my toes. :)

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  1. And I just know, once it leaves you, it will head to us! Pant, Pant!

    Stay cool.



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