Friday, July 17, 2009

No Horsepucky Here: Wilber, WA

As promised last month, here is a post about a little Maw and Paw place we have come to love ever since our straying from the Interstate and heading to Idaho an usual way: by US 2--where the speed limit is still obeyed and if there are any other cars on the highway besides your's, they are at least a half mile ahead or behind. :o)

We were travelling through Wilber, WA when we found this:

Just the sign intriguied us, because it was Father's Day weekend and we were heading over to see my parents, one of whom happens to have a history of being called "Billy". :o) So of course, immediately, my kid wanted to stop to eat here so she could tell her G'pa that she had eaten at a burger joint with the same name as him. :o)

Little did we know what true treasures lay inside--


Here are just a few items of her collection that Ri really liked:

These have to be my favourite.
Maybe it's because i grew up in close proximity to Tombstone, AZ? You know the old headstone from Boot Hill Graveyard? "Here lies Lester Moore, took four slugs from a .44. No Les, no more." :o)

So if you ever find yourself on US 2 WA, then you'd be doing yourself a favour by stopping in to Billy Burgers! The burgers are pretty darn good and the shakes are great! So thick, they'll make it to the next town (which is saying alot because the next town to eat in is about an hour away!) :o)

Nona and me enjoying a peanut butter and chocolate shake

And just for a teaser for my next post....
we also found this out on the outskirts of Wilber.

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