Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Seafair Is Here!! Woot Woot!!

The roar of the Blue Angel has come to the Pacific NW!! This is the most exciting time of year around here! Naval ship come in from Everett to the Seattle Waterfront, the Blue Angels come into town and do shows of I-90 and Lake Washington, and the hydroplanes hold races out on Lake WA too! If the weather holds out, we should be able to see a few Blue Angels from the deck as some of those manuveurs
they do require 5-7 mile long "u-turns" to get back into position for the next trick.

I miss working at Harborview for this reason only: we'd go out at showtimes and you'd catch a glimpse of the planes flying so close to the tops of the buildings. One of the most beautiful things i've ever seen--a Blue Angel framed by 14 story sandstone coloured buildings with a deep blue sky in the background. Oh!, but the racket they made--a minute or two after they flew by seemingly so silently, then the sound catches up and reverberates off the sides of the building! Ei yi ei!

This video here was taken by our KOMO news at Boeing Field, Seattle.

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