Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Home again

Two literal meanings to that post title there: we just came back home to Hubbie after spending time in Idaho at home with Achoo and Poppa. It was Poppa's birthday--and it was SUMMER! So we had lots of fun!

Sunset over Roman Nose and the Seven Sisters (Selkirk Mtns, ID)
Poppa's Birthday Brownie:
maybe we shouldn't joke about not skimping on the brownie or i.c. since we had a birthday boy with that kind, albeit sneaky jokester of a waiter again...he went a little crazy with the serving size. Thankfully he didn't skimp on the brownie though, because it's made with their microbrewed Knot Tree Porter! Yum! Just like Nigella's "Guinness Chocolate Cake" i love!

Nona and me at the beach

Lake Pd'O

Sunset over the Selkirks and Lake Pend d'Oreille

There is this place in ID known as "Beyond Hope"--i believe it might be an actual township. Anyway, as you're heading East on Hwy 200 (toward MT), you travel through Hope, then East Hope, then Beyond Hope, and the local joke is that once you pass there and come to Clark Fork, ID then there's "No Hope". :o)
Anyhoo, at Beyond Hope there are a lot of cabin rentals and RV parks, lakeside camping, etc. So as you can imagine the deer are pretty friendly here because they are always getting a handout. We saw this little one (lots of fawns this time of year!) and 31 other deer just driving through the neighbourhood there.

Little did we know that wasn't going to be the coolest animal siting of the evening...

Sorry it's not a very awesome video...but we were all just so excited to see her (as you can hear by Ri's soundtrack.) :o)

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