Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Cast of Characters

Ri feeding dandelions to Lil Miss No Feathers

Meringue (aka Mama Chicken), who sadly is broody again! Grrr!

Victoria (aka Vicki) planting herself in the garden--hee hee

And now...introducing the chicas y chico!

Vanilla Macaroon (previously known as Perch, because everytime i open up the coop, she jumps on my arm like she's a pet hawk.) Ri wants to call her Nilla or Mac for short.

Ri named this chick Caroline. Perfect, don't you think?

Ri also named the smallest chick of our flock Chocolate.
(huh, do ya think maybe Ri was hungry when she named these chicks?)

This is Souffle', or Sue for short.
Of course, the minute i said it, Ri started singing "My name is Sue, how do you do?"
Sue has the prettiest eyes for a chicken!

And this guy, from Day One i've had his number (well, Day Two i guess, cause when we brought them home they were 2 days old.) :o)
He's always been the chick that jumps on the others' heads or competes for the cool perching areas. He's also started the nasty biting habit, but i am trying to have a little counselling with him on that. You know the kind, "You'd better watch it boy, or you are going to end up a table decoration!" Ri calls him the Naughty Looster.
But from Day One, i've called him Stormin' Norman
(or Norma--depending on how the case may be...)

As you can see by that emerging comb, i think it's a Norman.
Let's hope we don't have to get him the Roo treatment,
but i have a feeling it's only a matter of time. :o\

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  1. You shocked me with the link to Honey the Hen! AND you made me laugh! I loved meeting your chickens, they sound just perfect for your family.

    And to have one perch on your arm is rather cool!



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