Monday, July 27, 2009

RIP Blueberries...

i hope you were as sour as i thought you were, which is why i left them on the bushes for a few more days.

Welp, as if i needed another reason to move from our neighbourhood and completely withdraw from society and become a hermit, i just discovered another one:

walked out to check how the blueberries were holding up in the heat, prepared to pick them if i needed too, and Lo! and behold, if someone didn't beat me to it.

Checked with hubbie. He didn't pick them.

Checked for damaged berries dropped by birds. None.

Stems are still intact and green berries are still on bush where bluer berries were next to them.

I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but i believe that some blokes made off with my blueberries!! There was atleast a pint on one bush!!

(and i apologise to any blokes that may be reading this blog, as i realise that "blokes" is too good of a term to be using on scumbag neighbours that would steal produce out of someone's garden. However, i light of this being a family friendly blog...i hope you'll understand.)

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