Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What a Great Idea for the 4th!!

The Alpha Mom blog has just shared the greatest idea! These decorations for the Fourth are amazing! I think Ri and i have a project for us to do this week!

Hope you all are having a great week. Ours has been a bit busy, so we are taking today off. We ended up in Sumner with Ri's Auntie AM yesterday, who is a gloriously cool crafter. She spent most of the afternoon in the bead shop and found some really great Lucite beads that she is(hopefully) seriously considering opening an Etsy shop after transforming them into some really lovely earrings. Ri and i found some treasures too. Sadly, a lot of the stores are going out of business in Sumner--especially adorable ones like the candy shoppe and a couple flea market type stores. One of the women i met yesterday is an adorable lady--she's in her late 50's or early 60's and is such a doll. She was telling me how her husband had died suddenly of lung cancer just after he helped her pick out her store's location and helped her get it all set up. That was two years ago, so now closing her store is opening up slow-to-mend wounds again. Poor gal! She luckily has some friends at another antique boutique across the street that have given her a space with reduced rent to sell her wares--which is awesome, because she loves the biz and has such kitschy stuff!

Of course you know, i had to acquire some items yesterday from her, or else how would you strike up a conversation with someone and learn about something so personal, eh? :o)

And in true Murphy's Law fashion....

We just completed Ri's "tea set" the other day with the addition of the elephant teapot, eh? Well, don't you know that as soon as that happens i find the most adorable set. The lady said it is a coffee service, but it would make a wonderful tea service too, wouldn't it?

And i couldn't put down the dishcloth with the appliqued teapot and salt and pepper shakers and the daisies and the fruits and veggies! I also found another dresser scarf...or prayer table scarf, is what i use them for with a beautiful Fall theme stitched on it! For my acquaintance by web, Barbara, Embroidered Dresser Scarf Horders UNITE!

And when dinner was over last night, Hubbie took care of the outside chores which included picking a pound of raspberries!! Yum!! That's probably equal to the pound i picked the night before while "watering the garden." Of course, those razz's never made it further than the garden...although technically, they did make it into the kitchen later, when i was in there getting my bedtime glass of water. :o)

I just thought i would share this picture that i am totally a gigglepuss over right now...we took it on our Father's Day outing to NW Trek, which is museum for native animals. This is one hungry otter at feeding time. He's the two year old male they just acquired.

Hope you have a great day!

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  1. Poor woman. It always seems to be the best shops with the most interesting things that go out of business, too.


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