Sunday, November 22, 2009


This weekend 2/3rds of the family went to visit a set of grandparents just a couple hours away from here. They are both having fun, but i am missing them terribly. But then their absence rejuvinates my energy stores too. A little. (if we weren't trying to get ready for a majour holiday, i suppose i'd be even more rested.)
Through all the grocery shopping and errand running yesterday, i was able to acquire a few items at the local thrifters. Sad to report that i was not able to acquire the 1940's radio at St. Vinnie's, as i had already delivered my Christmas list to Santa and he has been making headway on it.
However, i did come across a few items...a few glass "canning" jars for storage use, yards and yards of flannel for pjs and pillowcases, a flowery topsheet reminding me of my youth that i think Ri will like in the summertime for her bed, a couple Martha books, and most noteably:

Pyrex refrigerator dishes in the Butterprint pattern.

I love that St. Vinnie's employees here have no earthly idea that things like these would fly off the shelves if they were simply showcased together. Half the time, i can't even find the lids that go with the pieces, sadly because that leads me to pass on the purchase. Even if that means i pass up a good looking pattern too (i need a good source of Pyrex lid replacements...anyone have any ideas??) Yesterday, i found the small dishes stacked together and only one lid. Boy, did i scour trying to find the other lids, alas. And i will certainly not pay the same price for a Pyrex sans lid as one with. More digging through the top shelf surfaced the medium dish. Then i was ousted from my spot by a couple that was "on the hunt". For what? From their cart, all i could presume was maybe they were throwing a Thanksgiving feast and realised that they would need more than 2 dinner settings to accomdate their guests. However, it's certainly distressing when you have people "greeting" you with their armpits in your face. Seriously, isn't there thrift store etiquitte?? If not, maybe i should make a free handout! :o)

After i perused through the linens a little while and circled back around. Mr. and Mrs. Armpits were gone, so i scaled the lower shelf for a few minutes...boy and i'm glad i did, because i found the bigger refrigerator dish too. So now i have a modified "set". Woo hoo! Especially happy because i am just done cleaning out my plastic-ware, and as a reward i was hoping i'd find something like this.

And the turkey, you may wonder, was all in on it too. His name is Giving. He's a wonderful shopping companion, although he was having a rough day yesterday. Everyone kept eyeing his drumsticks and licking the drool from their jowls. :o) Another fun thing i love about my infrequent absences from my child, is that when she is away, the snugglies will play! She always leaves me with a snuggly to keep me company, then it is my job to carry it with me everywhere and take photos of the things we do together. Ri absolutely goes crazy for the stories. Here's the latest edition of the Giving Gazette.

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