Friday, November 13, 2009

I Break For Craft Fairs

Sorry for the's craft fair extravaganza around here. It's like a little reward to me for working so hard on Ri's party.

This weekend is the School Bus Driver's Craft Fair and a crafting boutique that opened up in a 1900's Victorian home. I've heard that the home doesn't have much, but i'm just excited to the actual house itself. I've never been to these fairs, so it will be a inspirational outing, i hope. Most of the fairs we go to have the same vendors every year...and after 8 years of the stuff. Well....

Incidentally, i was elated by the enthusiaism with which the shirts were received by the kids at the party. Thankfully the majourity loved them and couldn't wait to put their's on.

The owner of the rink even commented about what a neat idea they were. I was just happy to have the kids enjoy them so much--it made looking out for them much easier on the rink full of tons of other skaters--that's what was important to me--figuring if there was a man down, so to speak, they would be easily identifiable by adults in our group and hopefully the child would be helped. We are blessed with great friends like that!

On to the goodies: here are a couple of things i found from a really talented stitcher. She's here every year, God bless her. We've gotten some really beautiful X-stitches from her for the holidays. This year, was no different.

This cat x-stitch is a hoot and a half! It reminds me of Moose's cat he had when we first met, by the name Hobbes. He was an ol' alley orange tabby cat with plenty of spunk, kinda like this cat here. This will be hung in a place of honour, in honour of the old mouser--our "cat" bathroom. This gal also stitched the "Old Virginia Ham" pillow. Nothing special about the pillow, so i am going to repurpose it into a wall hanging for the kitchen. Virginia was my grandmother's name--however, not that she was pig like.
The wooden chicken and chick was from another crafter. Works well with the Farm Bureau chicks sign, eh? I think those will all be permanent fixutres in my dining area.

Today, we attended the "Quilt. Craft. Sew. Expo" (aka Rusty Barn Quilt Show) in Puyallup. I purchased a few goodies there there'll be more to show this week. The project list is growing yet again! Oy!

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