Tuesday, November 17, 2009

State of the Homeschoolin' Address

Oh boyo. October. Yea, not such a great month to homeschool. Oh yeah, and by the way, if you're Moose, don't read pass the next sentence. I love you, Hubbie!

Okay, is he gone? look left, look right Okay, coast's clear.

Well, when other people commented on October being a downer of the month for schoolin', they weren't kidding. The newness has worn off. The books are almost boring already. The pencils don't smell so good anymore. Half the crayons or coloured pencils are missing. And to boot, we've misplaced a library book or two.

We need a shot in the arm (or a boot to the rump might be more appropriate.)

A total number of 36 school days have transpired between Sept 14th - Nov 17th. We've taken a total of 4 "official" days off of homeschool. As you'll deduce, the rest were just wasted.

Here's the skinny on how our 2nd month of homeschool panned out:

Numbers in ( ) are the amount of lessons we are behind
Math: 29 lessons done (7)

Engl: READING GUIDE: 61 lessons
SPELLING: 30 (6)

History: 7 lessons done (3)

Science: 6 animals studied (4)

Religious Ed: 18 lessons (14 more lessons before class on Dec 2nd)

Truth be told, we probably aren't as bad off as the kids in public school. Especially those in our area where the teachers were on strike the whole 1st week of school--until a judge ordered them to return to work or get thrown in jail. Seriously.

But the part that is really challenging us is consistancy with our reading. We read all the time here in our house. But the tough part is getting down to tasks like required reading. Why does that always make it sound like you'll be dumb if you don't read it? Personally, i really hate that phrase. They should call it something different like enlightenment. Or something. I don't know. Maybe that's because i haven't done most the required rads and i am dumb. Ha! :o)

All i know is unless we want to be homeschooling during the best part of summer, then we need to get a move on!!

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