Friday, November 27, 2009

Your Place: Collections Blog-zibit

Cruisin' through the blogs this morning, i found Meet Me At Mikes with a cute posting about collections, inviting readers to share. There are a whole list of blogs there i can't wait to peek through!!

Here are a few i enjoy collecting--

Pharmacy Paraphenalia

I used to live the life a pharmacy tech before i traded my pill counter and lab coat for motherhood. I really like the idea of pharmacy--but today's pharmacy is just too automated for me. I think i am in love with the old school ways of it, which is why i like collecting anything from the days of the drug industry gone by. I do have a few bottles of newer drugs that i received from a former employer, however everything else has been found in thrift stores far and wide. And i especially like the ones that my parents have surprised me with from their adventures (like a bottle of cough syrup from Germany) or ones that i have found on shopping excursions with family or friends.

Beer and Wine Bottle Collection This collection all started when i moved into my first apartment--especially because the cabinets in the kitchen had space between them and the ceiling. I started collecting when i had my first legal beer on my 1st birthday when my parents took me to Seattle. Then i kept up with bottles from when friends would come by for dinner, or interesting beers my dad or i would drink. Next additions including interesting shaped bottles and finally bottles from adventures with friends or family--i even have some bottles from pharmacy events at breweries with pharmacy labels on them. Most prized: Pfizer Drug Pilsner bottles, Wyoming Brewery and Moose Drool "Growlers", Pd'O Brewing Glass, metal Big Sky Brewery bottles, and our Bunratty Mead from our honeymoon in Ireland.
Hockey Puck Collection
My collection started in my youth when my parents took me to the U of Arizona "Icecats" hockey games. I love college and WHL hockey. My first puck came from a U of A game, but it was the USN puck. A grade school friend gave me the U of A practice puck for a Christmas exchange. The rest of been collected along the way at various games, except for the Penguins one that my dad found for me. I think the only other pucks i'd like to complete the collection is one from the Moose Jaw Warriors from Canada and the Seattle Thunderbirds. Then i think i could use them as coasters on our dining room table.

What kinds of things do you collect??

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