Monday, November 23, 2009

Friendly Kitchen Reminder

Lots of us ladies are getting ready for a big Turkey Day feast this week, eh? I thought i'd throw a little reminder out there for anyone interested that doesn't do this already. It might even be a Martha tip...i'm not sure if i thought of it on my own, or if i read it in passing somewhere.

Anywho, today was "chop the veggies day". I have a nice 4 cup bowl of diced celery and a nice 8 cup bowl of diced onions in my fridge. A few carrots trimming from lunch later, i realised i had the makin's of veggie stock--just add water. So, out came the pan and in went all the trimming (onion ends minus the peel, celery leaves & trimmings, and carrot trimmings); shoot, you could even throw in a garlic clove or two. Mine will probably be used for rice, so i threw in some ginger i had in the fridge. Mushroom stalks would be good, but i didn't use any today. I did debate whether i should add some peel of al the oranges i disected today, but chicken'd out. Simmer, baby, simmer. Then strain and fridge or freeze liquid.

I've heard also that you can rustle all this stuff up into a plastic bag, freeze it, and make stock later.

Happy Turkey Day prep!

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