Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Last night Pride & Prejudice was on for the 24th billion time and since i couldn't sleep, well....

And, although i didn't understand some, well, okay, most parts of it, i feel like i atleast walked away with bit of understanding about the whole story. Ei yi ei! Now i know why Cliff Notes were invented!

I do need to read the book someday though. But for now, i think i'll stick to Maeve Binchy and craft mags. :o)

In other news: we're readying to start charging the chickens rent. No eggs since Sept have been laid. I presume they're molting, but the explosion of feathers happened back in late August. And the most dreadful thing happened while my parents were here. Oh, i don't know if i should tell you here. It's oh so most dreadful and horrific! Okay, grit your teeth, here it comes....

We had to....
Like Moose says, "We can't buy eggs! That's like having to pay for air!!"
Are any other chicken owners having this problem out there? Granted the weather hasn't been too nice out here in the Pac NW lately, but our girls were pretty reliable last year for at least a couple eggs a week during the moderately cold temps. Thankfully, we haven't lost power yet with all the storm blowin' in, so we are keeping the lamp on in the evenings to help cut through the cold and wet mornings. I just hate lighting up my chickens like that though--i know they aren't getting their beauty rest with a hot, bright blub shoved in their faces. The storms themselves have been bringing 50 degree temps, which is a welcomed change from the frost on the grass last week! Hopefully, after the tortential rains move through, we'll be able to ditch the lamp and have dry, self heating chickens again. :o)
Hope you all have a great day, wherever you are!

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