Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We've been so sacked with craft projects, it's been crazy around here! Trying to fit them into our generally overbooked routine, as well as my need to get my continuing ed done by the end of the month for my pharm tech license, has been a harsh reality, but i have to say that the crafts have come along quite nicely.

Neice's b/d gift of homemade felt iced sugar cookies with sprinkles specially designed by Nona and myself with a handmade apron from our friend, Kim the Soap Lady.

The party favours are almost done:

14 Freezer paper stenciled tee's for Nona's 7th b/d roller-bash.

(the boys' shirt have black skates and a flat top on the skate--looking a little more manly that way.)

And with all the general routines, late nights, and preparations for grandparents visits and Nona's b/d, you can imagine that when this time rolls around every evening...

(view of the Green River Valley from our living room)

you can betcha that we look a little something like this.
Thank goodness the party is this Sunday!
Then we can rest up for Thanksgiving preps. And the CE. Most of the sites i used two years ago have gone the way of the dodo--anything free is hard to come by these days. If anyone knows of some good free health care CE sites besides PowerPak, could you pass them along in the comments section of this post? Thanks!

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