Sunday, November 29, 2009

I've Got a Hot Date To-night

It's that time of year again....

Nat'l Recert is due...tomorrow!
These are what are going to be keeping me "company" all night long.
It's not all boring, mind you. Well, 5% of it isn't boring anyway. And that is how i know i am not cut out for Rx school anymore. I'm thinking more along the lines of organic farming degrees or architecture when i return to hitting the books. For now....this is my life.
Some things that i learned:
  • migraine headaches can be brought on by something as seeminly innocent as cheese and citrus fruit.
  • that collaborative practice agreements, while a good idea between pharmacists and physicians, are such a complete bore to read that they should include an adverse effect warning such as may induce dizziness, blurred vision, abnormal coordination, unconsciencious & voluntary vomiting.
  • there is a new drug as of last year, Fibrin sealant, that helps burn victims as it adheres autologous (donor is the recipient) skin grafts to surgically prep'd wound areas presumingly without sutures. this is a fascinating idea--i've been infatuated with burn victims since my stint at Harborview. There was a local firefighter that piqued my interest--his hands were burned to the bones, and as skin grafts upon skin grafts were not really viable options , the only choice doctors had in saving the ff's hands was to skin graft small pieces of tissue, then implant the gent's hands into his gut and wait for a miracle in cell division. Kinda the same theroy why cuts in your mouth heal quicker than on your skin.
  • another cool scar triva tidbit you can use around the water cooler when everyone is waxing eloquent on the latest Grey's Anatomy episode: scar tissue has only 70-80% of the strength that they original skin had.
and some that my life could have been better not knowing:
  • that our nasal passages have vascular tissue that resembles the erectile tissue found in a certain part of the man anatomy. huh, who knew?

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