Thursday, November 19, 2009

What do November Showers Bring?

This is SOOOOOO not good! Storm after storm has piled up in the Pacific, with Western WA name written all over them. Two windstorms in a row...2 rounds of rain down, about 3-4 more to go. Thankfully the Howard Hanson Dam has been repaired enough to increase our chances of adverting a majour flood in the Valley from 1:3 to 1:24. Hoping to have a few pictures of the flood preps around here in the area for you soon. When Boeing's local Space Center is erecting an 8 foot wall around it's perimeter, you know people are scared!

And by the soundtrack to this video, you can deduce that the FFA has gotten the problems fixed and the birds are back in the air...atleast in Seattle anyway. :O) Every 5 seconds is another roar of an engine past our house.

If only adults could view such icky weather with child like eyes. When Ri read the title of this post she said, "That's silly, Mom. November showers bring Christmas cookies. Didn't'cha know that?" :o) Isn't my girl just the most precious little optimist?! Love THAT!

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