Monday, November 23, 2009

The Dangers of Co-Habitating With A Cat

Even if justice promises it's on it's way, you can never again leave a glass of water, tea, any tepid liquid really, unattended (or, even placed right next to you) in a vessel with an opening large enough to fit a cat's head.

Even if justice looks like Sam Elliott or Kurt Russell. Wonder if the results would be the same is justice looked like Rin Tin Tin?

Guess i'll have to start drinking my 240ml of h2o out of champange flutes. And i thought running to the loo every 5 minutes after drinking 240ml of liquid was there'll be the running to the faucet every 5 sips to refill the crystal! UGH!!

Note: Said habit of furry feline is especially annoying and more importantly mortifying when she happens to drink out of company's teacup. grrrrr!


  1. That happens around here all the time! I got myself a big quart sized glass bottle with one of those flippy seals from a brewing supply company, so I avoid drinking out of glasses all together. I used to refill Aquafina or Dasani liter bottles, but re-using that plastic like that isn't good for you. When company comes though, I just tell them, never leave your glass unattended, and don't expect to be able to re-use it unless you've put it somewhere cat free, lol.

  2. We had a cat that got her head stuck in a glass once. She took off with it on her head and ran around in circles until we could catch her and take it off. Now we can't leave glassed unattended because the kiddos are likely to tip them over.


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