Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mary Olson Farm, Auburn, WA

Mary Olson Farm is an old homestead from the late 1800's located in Auburn, WA, just a ways down the road from us. The City bought the site a few years ago and has been restoring it as not only a historical monument, but also as a working farm.

To me, it's just about as close to Heaven as you could get!
But we weren't out there for me and my obession with old farms (waaah). We were out there for a field trip with the homeschooler group. And for the funniest reason too. Here in Olson Creek, the salmon seem to come home just in time for Thanksgiving. Most of the salmon return to spawn in the creeks around here in late September.

But these salmon here (in the lower left corner of the picture) are part of the population of fish that for some reason make their journey home to Olson Creek this time of year to lay their eggs and end their lifecycle.
I wish i had a scratch 'n' sniff blog where you could experience what we did today. The earthy smell of the forest, combined with the smell of the fish. In a canyon. At an old homestead. On a typical misty morning in the Pac NW. You couldn't get a day any better than this in the wintertime. Just standing within inches of these fish was humbling. The poor things are beat up. They haven't eaten in a month at least. They've made it from the Pacific Ocean to the Puget Sound through the Green River and up this creek. You'd think they would be easy to spot, however you can be standing right over them, and not see them until you hear the swish, swish, swipe of them trying to make headway up the stream. Amazing!
Tucked in the woods near the creek is ...
the chicken coop

Olson's Barn, c. 1897
Home and weaving shed from barn

After the farm, we headed to Des Moines for lunch at the local seafood joint.

That's the best thing i love about our area...you can be in the virtual country one minute, then 20 minutes later you can be at Sound.
Des Moines Marina

Cormorant on the jetty

Des Moines Slips

But the best thing about the day??
It was getting to spend it with these two charming individuals!

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