Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today i am hoping to accomplish too many things, as usual. Hopefully, the things i get done are the things i'll need tomorrow for a celebration with my friend, J, for her b-day.

Gifts that need finishing: embroidered napkins, birthday cake from Nigella's Feast book, and some homemade pasta noodles with the new pasta attachments Mom and Pop got me for Christmas.

So, after the wee one is safely delivered to school, i had better come home and get busy!


Well, after dropping off the wee one, and successfully making it out of the school building without entering into any deep conversation with the other moms, i headed to the store right quick to pick up a couple of things i noticed we were almost out of. Boy, when did Q-tips and TP become so expensive?

I normally love the self checkout--i have a friend that works it, she is a riot. We met there the day that i couldn't get something to ring up properly which of course is always the time that those poor self checkout clerks have 6 people all overloading the system at the same time with their inability to scan anything accurately. She loudly declared me a "retard" in front of all of her bosses and a few fellow customers. After i made a wry comment about the "wonderful" customer service at the store ("Wow, you can get milk, TP, and medical diagnosis at this store--it truly is 'one stop shopping'."), i knew we would be fast friends. Especially because we love to laugh--not that giggly girl stuff either, we're talking great big gargantuan belly laughs!
You can probably guess that a gal like this knows everyone, and she does. So while i was in the checkout this morning she introduced me to a lady that was self checking too--turns out this woman goes to my church, and my clerk friend wanted to introduce us.

Then of course, the chit chat can't end in the store, for the fellow church goer and i unknowingly parked next to each other. So we had to chat some more (30 minutes at least) out in the parking lot. It was great to meet a fellow parishioner, but today i was so hoping to get lots done! Best laid plans, eh?

So it became apparent that i was not going to get my needlework done today before J's birthday, so that will become for another occasion. I came home to bake the cake, then while it cooled i headed down to our local Catholic store and purchased a gift certificate for J instead--this way she'll be able to build her Fontanini nativity set up some more and i got to visit with the owner. She is a sweet lady! Everytime i talk with her, i learn something new. Maybe because i feel comfortable asking her questions i have about the faith. She answers in ways that don't make you feel uncomfortable. She and i got into a discussion about a question i had: since statues and crucifixes are cloaked with purple cloth during the week of Palm Sunday till Easter, should we be doing that at home? She said that she knows many people of the older generations that come in and say, "Oh dear, today is the day before Palm Sunday, i need to get my crucifix covered.", so we decided that would be a great way to bring the Lenten celebrations into our homes. So today, i need to add this to my list of things to do.

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