Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Curious problem? Freaked out Mom. Your thoughts?

My kid has given me a design dilemma.

There are lots of cute things about my daughter's room...many she picked out as a tot, and i didn't purchase it unless i could see it being long lasting rather than trendy.

Up until now, Ri wanted her room to be like a princess room--of course with all the Disney princesses displayed--however, i discussed with her that while Disney princesses were pretty cool to play with and watch on t.v., that maybe she would like to have a generic royal/castle like room and have her room's style grow with her.

Hubbie and i had decorated 2 walls with this flannel previous to her arrival:

And after she moved from our nursery room to her "big girl" room, she picked out the pretty shade of pink in the pictures you'll see below.

This is her first decorating project she's done on her own with the dogs, and as much as i don't like it, i am relishing in the fact that it is bringing her much joy. The torch lamp we picked out at IKEA...part of the castle theme, and she uses it at 1 of her nightlights.

 Her other night light is the Virgin Mary lamp that she received from her baptism.

Here is her light fixture. When we looked at lighting, she fell in love with the "chandelier" type fixtures, however i thought something a little more kid friendly and quaint (less shabby chic) would serve her well...

She has her cute montage of her dressed up like the Disney princesses hanging on her wall in the background topped with a sign that reads "My Prince did come, and his name is Daddy."
And her kitchen, which renders her room like a "studio".

I loved the flannel on the walls so much, that i tried to mimic the design of it with paint on the found headboard i picked up on the curb in a neighbourhood near ours.

Now, my problem comes in when i was keeping her entertained looking at curtains at Lowes this weekend while Hubbie was picking up a few hardware items. She saw a curtain with this pattern and said, "Mom, those are the curtains for my room! And then maybe we could paint the walls blue and the ceiling purple too!"

fabric from Joann's:Print Dana Indigo

Well, the purple ceiling is going to have to wait. The blue walls could happen. But how in the world am i going to work this gingham in with the plaid flannel? She says that the reason she would like curtains like these is that it would make her room look a "farm girl's" room (her words). Any ideas??? Do any of you know if there were any real "farm girl" princess types? Or does the torch have to go too? You know for one things for sure, where there's window treatments in Ri's future, there has to be ric rac too.

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  1. Well, I have no idea about the mixed up patterns, and I have no talent for interior decorating, BUT as for farm girl princess types... Aurora before she found out that she's the princess lived in the woods with the fairy godmothers. That's close.

    Why not keep the medieval theme, but go for a "crofter's cottage" sort of thing. Or a princess in hiding kind of look. Like a farm girl's room with momentos of her princess life here and there. Like one of the virgin saints hiding from marriage, lol.

    Or, just consider that kids don't care about matching patterns or colors and just don't worry about a theme. In her clothing, I can see how you might not want her going to school in gingham and plaid, but for a bedroom, letting her have what she enjoys might be more important than how it looks ultimately.

    It could be worse, my adolescent bedroom was covered floor to ceiling with posters of actors and Disney princesses and pages torn out of fan magazines, and collages of movies. There are still SO MANY thumb tack holes in the walls. Sometimes I still have the urge to decorate with posters... So I guess that could be a permanent danger to letting her do whatever she wants. :D


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