Monday, April 13, 2009

Design Dilemma Partially Solved

It was a successful day of procurement of fabric and sewing sundries for Ri's curtains.
Hopefully it will all work when my novice sewing skills are applied to them. If not, we'll have some really pretty (and pricey) throw pillows. :o)
A fellow blogger, Bethany, of Beppy Cat & Co. blog fame, was kind enough to leave a comment with her thoughts on our design dilemma. Her blog is always filled with homemaking ideas and i am totally jealous of her "Homemaker's Club" that she belongs too. Her ideas about a crofter's cottage got my gears moving. And the idea of virgin saints hiding from marriage was super cute too!
I've got a double rod so that we can have a sheer and drapes. I also picked up some ring clips, so i wouldn't have to sew them perfectly all right away.
Now to figure out what design of curtain to make.
Here's some of my thoughts:

going on the idea that i would like the gingham print to accentuate the rose print...

 A: would be the easiest! But i am wondering if the checkered pattern might be too "heavy" for the bottom of the drapes?

B: i am thinking i could probably not do this without my mom's help. i would be cute though, but maybe for another time.

C: would be easy, too, and i think the gingham would probably look good as the top panel, don't you? tab's would be a challenge, but possibly something i could add later? definitely wouldn't occur without Mom's help.

Of course, there could always be an option "D":

and just leave off the tabs all together.
I thought the ric rac would provide a good kid factour to the very mature-ish style of fabric. Ri saw a sample of the rose fabric and said that she would love curtains made out of that!
Other ?'s: floor to ceiling in a kids room? mid wall where they hang past the window a little ways? traditional 50's style where they "fit" the window?
I am trying to keep in mind that when we move, i would like to be able to "repurpose" them...maybe that means i should keep them longer?


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