Sunday, April 19, 2009

Working in the Yard

Yesterday, we couldn't have asked for better weather. Sunny most of the day, highs in the low 60's. We spent two great chunks of time out in the yard with the chickens. Grass in need mowing, garden in need of a flame thrower, yet we choose to hand dig the weeds. hee hee Seeds yearning to be planted.

We have a riding mower for our 17,000sf yard of grass. I have to wonder what the neighbours think when i'm starting the thing up and driving it all over our lot--most of them only have 8K-9K lots. We've also doctors our mower with some bumperstickers--the country codes for Germany, Ireland, and Norway. We must provide a few giggles for the nosy neighbours. It gets the job done so much faster than a self propelled jobby, hoping that we save a little exhaust that way.

The yard looks pretty good when she's all dolled up. Hubbie's birthday party is in a couple weeks, and we're hoping we'll be able to enjoy the yard and some nice weather. You never know though, one year we had a Memorial Day party and we had to "party" in our carport, for it was so windy and rainy.

In other efforts to clean up the place, i scrubbed part of the deck and freecycled some of the pots, BBQ, and things that had accumulated there. It's looking pretty decent now, if i can just get the rest of the moss/jet fuel fallout scrubbed off of it, it'll look pretty swanky for the party.

The raspberry canes are amazing this year! When we first moved in there were canes out in our front yard that seemed to be languishing in the sun all day. My parents gave us some of their raspberries, and we had them in partial shade, hoping that it would control their shoots and help with h2o control. That didn't work so well, cause we'd get about a handful of berries every year while my parents would get gallons and gallons of them. So we moved the canes last year and this is what we have now

that's my rhubarb right next to it.

While i was cleaning the deck, Hubbie, Ri, and the chickens helped weed part of the veggie garden. Ri ended up digging a hole to Australia

Later in the day, we got the Russian Banana fingerling potatoes planted. Today i'll get some more work done for the birthday party and theYukon Gold's planted. Hubbie and Ri are going to a Rainier's baseball game after Mass. Hopefully i'll be able to get some veggies started too. Tomorrow's weather is supposed to turn rainy and by mid week we'll be facing temps in thelow 50's again. Ugh!

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