Sunday, April 19, 2009

Party Invites...

You remember the Easter Egg Hunt (aka candy grab), from last Saturday, eh?

I had been anxious about what i would design for Hubbie's invites...he's interested in so many things--sailing, sports, name it. Plus, he's turning 40. :o) Without getting too corny about it, i wanted to do something to honor his years here on Earth. No tombstone invitations here!

Well, being on that football field inspired Hubbie's birthday invites:

During our conversations about the party, he had mentioned he might not want people to bring gifts. But since there are always going to be generous people who love to buy for special occasions, we came up with the idea to request if people wanted to buy something, they could buy items to benefit the local pregnancy aid

"so that one good birthday could benefit the other", like Hubbie said.

Here's how they turned out...

Whew! That was easy!

Now, onto the menu....traditional Irish has been requested.

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