Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If Every Garden Tells A Story...

i have a feeling my flower garden would fall into the black comedy genre. :o)

Wikipedia defines black comedy as "a sub-genre of comedy and satire in which topics and events that are usually regarded as taboo are treated in a satirical or humorous manner while retaining its seriousness."

Taboo, in my cutting garden, relates to the invasive Kentucky Bluegrass (and not the kind that has a good beat and you can dance to), dandelions, some vine type weeds that stick to you like double sided Duct tape, and various wetland type plants.

I've been battling these things since the first day i moved in 7.5 years ago, and the comical thing is that i am still battling them. Or maybe it's comical that i think i can still put a stop to them?

I did make some headway this week. We decided our new Pope John Paul II rose bush would be a great addition here, since this is where all the other roses are located. And the bush will be located in front of the main entrance to our home and the guest bedroom window, so it can be thoroughly appreciated more than the bare spot of dirt that was there before. Although, after planting my 'Kent' climbing rose in this bed, i am not sure more roses in this area are going to help matters any. The grass is just so invasive and now i've made a mess of trying to get rid of it without being prickled like a pincushion while you're trying to weed around them.

Pope John Paul II rose bush

Another spot i devoted some time to this week was the end of the garden that has the wetland type plants. Also, someone years ago planted one of those yucca type plants here that were popular in the 50-60's. We whacked it down because it was growing so close to the foundation of the house, that we didn't want any problems. But now, it's tubers still live on. To the point of sprouting through the 15 layers of cardboard and river rock i placed over them. Would that be more comedy, or more satire? Oy!
Now i have a hollyhock, a carnation by the name of "Fancy Knickers", my Lenten Rose, and an Iceland poppy in the spot. I also broke up pieces of my California Flame calla lily and installed it here. I think it will all look nice when July rolls around.
So just like any "authour" of a story, i've got a good beginning and an end, but this is the part i need help with:

The middle. This part of the garden is a sort of "no-plants land". The lavender will help fill in a few years, there's a primrose or two and a balsam thyme, but other than that, nothing that isn't grass or dandelions. I am wondering what would be a good addition here? Any suggestions? I do have some crocosmia that are waiting to be planted...wondering if they would be a welcomed plant?

(another shot of the middle of the garden from the yard)

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  1. Maybe some more herbs to go with the lavender. Like chamomille and yarrow? An herbal tea garden of sorts perhaps.

    But landscaping is so far from being my kind of thing, you might not want to listen to me.


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