Monday, April 6, 2009

Chives Spring Eternal

and apparently so does marjoram in these parts. :o)

We did a little, and i mean, little, work around the house yesterday because the main events were church (that ran a little longer than our usual Irish style 45 minute "To-Go" Mass) and a birthday party for a dear friend of my lil' girl at their local gymnasium.

Hubbie finished up with the raspberry supports (our canes are about 7-8 feet long!) and let the chickens out for a little bit. I tended to the brick garden box constructed outside our front door. Planted a few pansies in it and culled a bit of the parsley. Planted some sweet peas (April in Paris and Moroccan Spice varieties) there too, hoping they will grow as beautifully there as they did a couple years ago, with their sweet aroma greeting you as you walk in the front door--almost like a baptism from the cold cruel world to the loving home awaiting you inside. Waiting for the organic herbs from OR nurseries to arrive at the grocer's garden centre so i can plant another marjoram in just can't have too much marjoram around in time for making and canning your own tomato sauce, eh?

I also started digging out the mess on the deck--which is how i found my chives. I am really beginning to wonder if home improvement is ever really worth all the mess the contractors leave around. :o) The deck is full of paint chips and cardboard left to over winter thru the rain and snow, which as you can imagine has made one big mucky mess, especially when combined with the usual mucky combo of the moss/algae/jet fuel fallout type gruel we already have accumulating on our deck every year. Rusted nails, screws, and staples they used during the painting and replacing windows processes are littering the area inbetween the broken pots and bottle caps thrown around the deck or left on my gardening bench. One word...ARGGH!

The chickens had a little free range time out in the yard. Seems that two of them caught on to the fact that when we dig in the garden, that's one less step they have to do to get to their earthworm dinner. Lazy ol' birds! Well, at least it's about time Hubbie gets some help weeding the yard. :o)

So today, the sun is shining for the second day in a row, and my dear friend, and walking buddy, is going to meet up with me so we can chit chat and get a little sun to boot. It'll be good to visit with her outdoors, instead of our usual laps around the nearest grocery stores aisles. :o) Then it's off the the grocery and then i shall come home and work out on the deck some more. The big birthday bash is only a few weeks away!


  1. Our Palm Sunday mass took a little longer too.
    After church our tempatures dropped and the rain started, too cold to be outside for too long.
    Have a great Easter week.

  2. I have been sooooo craving chives lately. Unfortunately, mine are just newly transplanted, and they were on the way out before I got them in the ground, so they're tiny little sad wisps of things. You wouldn't know they were even in there if I didn't have them marked. I can't wait till I have big bunches of them, like you do!

  3. I like the chickens helping out. Mine help me all the time. The rooster makes me a little nervous if I get my head lower than him, but he and I have an understanding. If he hurts me he will die. Simple.



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